When to walk away from a new business prospect

There are times, especially during these lean times in the advertising/design business, that we take on business just because it is cash flow. It sure is nice to have the cash flow, but are we really helping or hurting the business of the firm?

Pursuing business is a difficult and time consuming. Winning the business can be rewarding and the potential of additional income is always a plus. However, for the sake of keeping a healthy shop, we sometimes need to learn to walk away from potential new business. Continuing to pursue mismatched clients can be harmful to moral as well as the bottom line of a firm.

Seven reasons to turn and run from a prospective client:

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I had a REALLY Bad Cold…Call!

Today we received a call at our offices that my partner Bart answered. The caller asked for me. Since I was not available, Bart asked if he could be of help.

The caller went on to explain what he was offering, which Bart explained to the caller that we were not interested.

The caller then restarted his sales spiel – from the beginning, again. Bart then told the caller we would contact him if we felt we needed his service after we visit their website. The caller said he would follow-up in a few days. Bart again said no, we’ll call you. The caller still insisted he would call us.

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